"Universitas Granadensis"

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Universidad Santo Tomas De Oriente Y Mediodia  (USTOM). At USTOM, we are proud to support today’s working adults in their educational goals through our on-campus and distance education programs.

AtUSTOM, we supply a high-quality education at an affordable price where you can better yourself,  by earning a degree. We assist students to fit in the time to pursue an education. Each
USTOM course is designed to engage the student in understanding and using the material taught. The faculty members are readily available to answer student questions.

In a recent survey of our Graduates, it was noticed that their salaries increased by 50% in the first year when they were promoted or got another job.   I assure you that you would receive
agood amount of value from our Degrees, at a reasonable investment.

We welcome you, with great pride, to a hub of excellence........

We welcome you toUSTOM, where you'll find the key to unlock the golden door of intellectual freedom and success........

This is where your story of glory begins, where your vision will clear and your actions will improve..........

We welcome you to 

Dr. Roberto J. Ferrey 
Rector USTOM

De Oriente Y Mediodia

Universidad Santo Tomas

De Oriente Y Mediodia
"Universitas Granadensis"