MBA Course: 60 Credits
1 Credit Hour: 10 Hours
Duration: Two Years
Semesters :  Four
​Study Language : Spanish / English
Delivery Mode : Full time, Part time, Weekend Classes and Distance mode
​Intake : January / June

USM166                          Global Hospitality Management          
USM167                          Food and Beverage Service  
USM168                          International Travel and Tourism 
USM169                          Front Office Management

Hospitality Management 

USM116                          Service Marketing and CRM             
USM117                          Advertising and Brand Management     
USM118                          Sales and Retail Management 
USM119                          International Trade          

USM105                          Marketing Management 
USM106                          International Financial Management
USM107                          Quality and Operations Management
USM108                          Business Ethics             





USM109                          Human Resource Management 
USM110                          Transformational Leadership    
USM111                          Entrepreneurship         
USM112                          Specialization Subject I   

Human Resource Management

USM146                          Investment and Financial Management             
USM147                          Corporate Finance   
USM148                          Financial Institutions and Banking
USM149                          Financial Systems, Auditing and Reporting

USM131                          Training and Development                
USM132                          Wages and Salary Administration        
USM133                          Human Resource Planning 
USM134                          Industrial Relations and Labour Law 

USM136                          International Business Strategy               
USM137                          Managing International Trade and Investments   
USM138                          International Monetary Systems  
USM139                          International Business Law and Taxation

International Business

USTOM  MBA will provide you with the academic knowledge, real world experience, and the confidence to use your skills to make a difference. You’ll be adaptive and relevant, ready for any challenge your future holds. All our courses reflect and predict current trends in business and government thinking. This means that you graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to respond to rapid changes in the business world, and to the ability to manage emerging issues and industries. We offer you the flexibility to specialize in your area of interest.

USTOM MBA is offered in flexible mode, with a focus on blended delivery. It is available full-time and part-time and you can take courses online as well as face-to-face at Granada campus or with any appointed center. We offer intensive weekend courses and evening classes.

Your success as an MBA graduate is rooted in our focus on a strong integrative and practical approach to management, and a desire for you to succeed as an individual and as part of our community. Our diverse program is composed of classmates from around the world. This diversity of ages, academic backgrounds and professions, combined with small class sizes, encourages a collaborative, not competitive environment.

USM101                          Principles of Management                             
USM102                          Organizational Behavior   
USM103                          Managerial Accounting
USM104                          Negotiations & Conflict Resolution

USM112                          International Marketing                  
USM113                          International Business Law             
USM114                          Social Issues Management 
USM115                          Strategic Planning and Policy        

USM121                          Supply Chain Systems           
USM122                          Materials and Inventory Management    
USM123                          Enterprise Resource Planning 
USM124                          Operations Strategy   


Core Subjects 

Bachelor degree or any equivalent from an accredited institution or University.

Marketing Management

Retail Management 

Banking and Insurance 


USM156                          Banking and Banking Laws            
USM157                          Principles of Insurance  
USM158                          Portfolio Management
USM159                          Insurance Business Management


USM176                          Supply Chain Management          
USM177                          Retail Marketing 
USM178                          Store Operations
USM179                          Retail IT Management


Logistics and Supply Chain Management


USM113                          Specialization Subject II                  
USM114                          Specialization Subject III              
USM115                          Specialization Subject IV   
USM116                          Master's Thesis